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The employee app with 4 linked tools to improve financial health

When you offer Wagestream to your staff, they get our market-leading smartphone app made up of four separate products that put them on the road to financial wellbeing.

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Give your employees live visibility over pay and spending in one place

I like being able to see how much you've earned as the week progresses. Its a motivator to keep going and also allows you to check your hours too!

Chloe, Wagestream user

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Give your people the flexibility to choose how and when they get paid

I think being able to access your pay prior to payday is the best feature as it means that you’re never without money for things that are important and you have that extra security to help in emergencies

Kayleigh, Wagestream user

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Our automated micro-build feature puts all staff on the road to financial resilience

The rainy day pot is the best feature for me. I struggle to put money away once I see it. It's a lot easier for me to budget what I get on payday without worrying how much I can put away. The rainy day pot does it all for me!

Nikita, Wagestream user

Coaches screen

A certified financial coach for every employee, available in real-time on their phone

My favourite feature is the coaching section with the financial tools. There’s things on there you’d have never known. I’ve learnt a lot from the articles.

Becca, Wagestream user