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Case study: how Toolstation empower staff with their finances

At the launch of their 500th store, we spoke to Toolstation about how they’re focusing on empowering staff to better manage their money. Find out how Toolstation’s focus on tackling mental health has led them to financial wellbeing and giving their team access to the latest tools to build their financial health.

In this short video, hear from Toolstation’s HR Director Cherie Marchant along with Toolstation employees as they talk about:

  • how financial wellbeing is the natural focus if you want to boost mental wellbeing
  • how Wagestream helps managers better support new starters
  • how the app helps staff better budget individually and as a team
  • how offering Wagestream makes a massive difference to recruitment

…and more.

“I think Wagestream has been a real life saver for a lot of individuals within our business.” – Cherie Marchant, HR Director, Toolstation

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