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Webinar: Supporting hospitality workers throughout the pandemic

The hospitality industry has been the hardest hit throughout the pandemic, with many staff on furlough since last March.

We were recently joined by Tom Mercer, People Director for Swingers Crazy Golf and Sunaina Sethi, Operations Director for JKS Restaurants to talk about how the pandemic has shifted their focus when it comes to supporting their staff and their predictions for the great recovery.

The session was chaired by Mark McCulloch. Watch below.

“More and more businesses are beginning to offer Wagestream. Over the next few years you’ll have more and more members of your team joining you starting to expect something like Wagestream.”

Tom Mercer, People director, Swingers golf

“Furlough, when they say it’s 80% of you normal earnings, in hospitality it’s your contracted pay and a lot of the time that’s not just what you take home at the end of the month because you would normally have service charge etc.

For a lot of people that’s significantly less than their normal salaries. It did really make us want to see how we can assist.”

Sunaina sethi, Operations director, JKS restaurants

To find out more about how you can support your staff now and into recovery, get in touch.

If you are a Fourth Payroll customer like Tom and Su you can now activate Wagestream in just 90 minutes at no additional cost. To launch today, click here.