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Get power over your pay

Life is increasingly flexible and on demand. But not how we get paid. It’s still at the end of the month, often at the end of our money, and after bills are due.

That’s all changed with Wagestream. Our app gives you power and control over your pay in four helpful ways: Stream, Track, Build, and Learn.

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“Since the introduction of Wagestream I feel more at ease and in control of my finances.”

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Why you’ll love Wagestream

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Track your earnings in real-time

Tap to see what you've earned throughout the month. See it all, stay up to date, plan better and worry less.


Get power over your pay

Instant access to your pay when you want it, as you earn it. Get your extra shift money the next day. Now you’re in charge of when you get paid. It’s your pay, so use it your way.

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Get coaching on managing your money

A trusted place for helpful, practical tips about your pay. Whether you want to improve your financial position now, next month or next year, never miss out on what you need to know.


Make building funds simpler

Put money aside at any moment. Tap and instantly some of your pay is in a Build pot, safe and accessible, for when you want it.

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Everyone Benefits

Better financial wellbeing benefits everyone. If your organisation wants to see improved recruitment, engagement, retention and productivity, we’d love to hear from you.