What does it mean to have power over pay?

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Power over pay means the ability to instantly access, track, save and manage earned wages.

Having power over your pay with Wagestream transforms your financial wellbeing and helps you to feel empowered to make the right decisions on where your pay should go.

How Wagestream helps transform your financial wellbeing

Track Pay

Tap to see what you’ve earned throughout the month. Now you’re all seeing, always up to date, so can plan better and worry less


of UK workers have volatile, unpredictable pay

Plan ahead and budget

Stream Pay

Instant access to your pay when you want it, as you earn it. Get your extra shift money the next day. Now you’re in charge of when you get paid. It’s your pay, so use it your way.

Over 50%

Have run out of money before payday

Avoid inappropriate debt


A trusted place for helpful, practical tips about your pay. Whether you want to improve your financial position now, next month or next year, never miss out on what you need to know.


do not feel confident managing money

Make informed financial decisions

Save Pay

Put money aside at any moment. Tap and instantly some of your pay is in a savings pot, safe and accessible, for when you want it.


Have less then 100£ in savings

Develop a regular savings habit