28% of staff worry about money daily

Meet our Impact Advisory Board

Aligned by a common mission to define and measure financial wellbeing

Our Impact Advisory Board was selected to advise Wagestream on creating responsible growth and highlight tangible ways we can improve outcomes for frontline workers.

This is an ambitious initiative that carves the path for how financial wellbeing is understood and prioritised in years to come, and through collaboration with policymakers has the potential to influence regulation at the highest level.

Our goals
Sarah Davies

Sara Davies

University of Bristol

Hayley Hands

Hayley Hand

Big Society Capital

Krishan Shah

Krishan Shah

Resolution Foundation

Rachelle Earwaker

Rachelle Earwaker

Joseph Rowntree Foundation

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Our goals


Shape how financial wellbeing is measured, managed, and implemented at Wagestream

With over 2 million members, Wagestream is in a unique position to take academic theory and model it using real data about frontline workers.


Collaborate with policy makers and employers to create a direct social impact.

Wagestream is in a high growth phase, and this is a chance to shape and direct the social impact that it will create.


Strive to make a real difference to frontline workers worldwide.

Wagestream is working to eradicate the poverty premium. Our Impact Advisory Board keeps us focused on continuously building positive financial pathways.