Our Mission

Our mission is simple. We want every working person globally to have complete financial freedom by giving them power over their pay.

Power over pay means the ability to instantly access, track, save and manage earned wages. We want to transform people's lives and the organisations they work for.

Our Social Charter

At the heart of Wagestream is our social charter – everything we do and every product we create is designed to improve the financial wellbeing of people in work.

It’s this mission and common vision that won the support of our founding backers Joseph Rowntree, BarrowCadbury Trust and Big Society Capital. And it’s a mission that will continue to guide our company in the future.

Our Funding Charity Partners

Fair financial services that give, not take

Every working person deserves a life that’s free of financial stress.

Every working person deserves to feel in control of their finances.

Our aims

Power over pay for all
We want all employees across the globe to have power over their pay to transform their financial lives.
Empower people to grow their savings
We want to create savings tools that revolutionise our attitudes to saving and empower people to prioritise their savings.
Eradicate high-cost, short-term credit
Giving people power over their pay means that they can avoid turning to high-cost, short term credit.

Backed by leading investors and financial charities, over 200 companies and their 450,000 employees have joined our mission so far.

So, what are you waiting for?

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